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Getting a job used to be so easy didn’t it?

You would see a job advertised in a newspaper, polish up the old CV, compose a covering letter, apply and wait for the phone to ring.

Sure, you would get the occasional turn down letter but it wouldn’t be long before you were invited for an interview.

But today searching for a job is very different.

Everything has changed, fewer jobs are advertised in the press, more are handled by recruitment consultants and agencies and most are advertised on internet job boards.

Applications are requested by email but despite all the technology recruiters routinely fail to acknowledge receipt let alone have the courtesy to give a considered response. After time has elapsed applicants assume they were unsuccessful and wonder how real the vacancy actually was.

And what about social media?

There’s a major shift. Social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are changing the world we live and work in. Job seekers instinctively know that they should participate in social media but how?

If you’re searching for a job but not getting the results you want, we should talk.

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Is it really possible to double your chances of getting an interview by making simple changes to your CV?


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